Forewarned is Forearmed
          A 20 pun salute to the human body
              By Ann Cestral de Brie

Just recall Ma and Pa in defeat,
and your needs you will totally meet.

“''Ere now,” lisp some couples and sigh,
“We can handle each next, her and I.
Love brings good fortune;
the rest we'll just do.”

But throughout history, as everyone knows,
Even Herr Du, I suppose,
When harm seems to threaten ahead,
Waste not this advice of the dead:

Four heads are better than two.

Found all 20 puns? No? OK, here it is with them spelled out...

          Forewarned is Four Armed
               By Ancestral Debris

Chest recall Ma and Pa in de'feet,
and your knee'ds you will toe'tally meet.

“Ear now,” lisp thumb couples, and thigh,
“We can hand'le each neck'st, her and eye.
Love brings good for'chin;
the wrist we'll just do.”

But throat history, as everyone nose,
Even Hair Du, I suppose,
When h'arm seems to threaten a'head,
waist not this advice of the dead:

Foreheads are better than two.