girl in boots, arms crossed, foot tapping, saying You Aren't Listening to Me
Cranky Girl Has an LA Day

A playful exercise
in the self-help book
goes wrong, wrong, wrong.
Cranky Girl frowns,
throws the book on the car seat, 
damns the mis-named
free - way,
the unsolicited offer
under the wiper blade,
the last parking spot
on the block near yoga
too small,
the perfect weather,
the happy dogs
leashed to sunglassed Pilates ladies,
the f'ing blue and cloudless sky.
Cheerful Girl laughs,
reads this vent poem aloud
and both girls agree to
tackle the exercise again.
But not before lunch,
and a hazelnut de-caf
with cream.

guy with mustache yelling

Roman leaning on his toga'd elbow

girl with tam o'shanter hat and frustrated lookfrowning elf like guy with tall hat

collage with swooping shapes and a woman gesturing toward her head, which is about three feet from her body