Passive Phrases

Passive phases

If priests can be de-frocked,
then drunks may die de-livered.
If a fleeing con is caught,
he will surely be de-filed.

Hef's bunnies end de-tailed,
old fishermen de-baited,
bad teachers are de-graded,
a cowpoke is de-ranged.

Fat models are de-posed,
Lobbyists de-ployed.
A book that's in a landfill
may soon be de-composed.

Bankers get de-valued,
your horoscope de-signed.
A wimple when it's sat on,
makes a sister feel de-pressed.

If a voiceless pig's dis-gruntled,
then a pug can be de-barked.
Was the purloined note de-sended?
Is a trans gal now de-manded?

Don't you wish this was de-pended?