Four Women

 I re-purpose things I find, pick up, buy at thrift stores, and receive from friends, along with items too lovely or precious to discard when they outlive their original uses.  They find new lives in people and animals, dragons and birds.
A sweet mama and baby with wooden spoon heads, the handkerchief apron and baby dress from my friend Christy's grandma's collection, the rose from a Yucatecan hipil; mama's dress was a favorite old shirt of mine.

Mardi Gras Mama has a shiny vegetable steamer skirt, lined with a bright artificial lily.  Her body is a lotion container I found discarded at the Y, and her head-dress is made from chunks of tail lights and CDs I found in an alley.  And beads, of course, I have drawers full.

 Toodle Lou has a hair scrunchy boa to go with her scrap of shiny fabric skirt.  She used to be the kind of spoon that has holes for draining boiled stuff.  An artificial rose, a purse from a little candy box.

Another Failed Prince.  Poor princess, put her trust in the cheerful, but clueless Prince, whose head now resides inside the dragon's mouth.